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3D Volume Rendering of CT Scans and Diagnostic Films

3D volume rendering or 3D visualization of CT Scans or MRI films from MedLegal Visuals are used effectively in many different medical legal presentations. Using specialized computer software to view your client’s diagnostic films, an authentic 3D volume rendering or 3D medical visualization of your client’s specific CT-Scans and MRI films is created. The process of 3D volume rendering refers to the visualization of data from your client’s diagnostic films, specifically slices or images from CT scans or MRI films reconfigured into a digital 3d presentation.

These 3D medical images can be used in medical legal exhibits or a medical legal animation that can be incorporated into your medical legal case presentation. The final rendering is then provided as a video presentation or 3D still images. Because these 3d images are actually taken from your client’s films, it makes your presentation easily admissible. Please call MedLegalVisuals at 1-877-789-4200 to discuss a case or email us if you have any questions or click the button on the right to get started.

MedLegal Visuals creates authentic 3D volume rendering of CT Scans and MRI films into effective demonstrative evidence presentations. This process is done using specialized computer software that creates an authentic 3D volume rendering of your client’s actual case specific diagnostic films such as CT-Scans, MRIs and in some cases X-Ray films. The final 3D volume rendering that is created is then provided to you as a high resolution video presentation (mp4) and/or a series of still 3D images that are taken directly from your client’s diagnostic films and actually represent your client’s specific anatomy, injuries and postoperative condition. This form of demonstrative evidence is easily admissible into court because these are created from the actual diagnostic films of your client. These 3D volume renderings can also be incorporated into a medical legal animation for an even more dynamic medical legal visual presentation.

To get started, please contact us and provide a copy of the CD-ROM of your client’s actual diagnostic films (CT Scans, MRIs and X-Rays) and radiology reports for our review. We will then review the films for quality to verify that they can be used to create a 3D volume rendering video presentation or still images. Once your case materials are reviewed, we will provide you with a FREE no obligation case review, proposal and price quote outlining the most effective medical legal presentation for your case along with the total cost. This medical legal presentation may also include medical legal exhibits, medical legal animation or one of our other specialized medical legal presentations of demonstrative evidence.

3d Volume Rendering of Films

3d volume rendering of Film showing Scapula Fracture Injury.

Click Here to Get Started on 3D volume rendering from MedLegal Visuals or email us with any questions. If you would like to discuss an upcoming case or learn more about case specific 3D volume renderings from MedLegalVisuals call today toll free at: 1-877-789-4200. Please click on any of the sample still images below to see 3D volume renderings created from actual diagnostic films.

3D Volume Rendering of CT Scan of Mandible Fractures
3D Volume Rendering of Pelvis fracture
3D Volume Rendering of Tibia and Fibula fractures