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Colorized Diagnostic Films from X-rays, MRIs and CT Scans

The colorization of your client’s diagnostic films such as X-rays, MRIs and CT Scans can be presented to show injuries from an accident or to illustrate a postoperative residual condition, clarified and highlighted. The anatomy and specific injury or postoperative condition is graphically illustrated directly over the diagnostic film itself. This ensures for medical accuracy and allows for a side by side comparison with the original diagnostic film. Colorized diagnostic films like a colorized X-ray film can show how your client’s anatomy was injured like in a bone fracture and highlight the residual hardware.

Colorized diagnostic films are often used to present orthopedic injury cases. They graphically depict residual hardware used during a post-accident surgery, to repair the injury. Colorized MRI Films can be colorized to highlight soft tissue injuries and provides an immediate understanding and a lasting impression of how devastating that specific injury suffered by your client has been. This allows the viewer, even a lay person of a jury to visually understand what the film shows and fully appreciate the injury or condition. Please email us if you have any questions or click the button at the right to get started.

X-rays or MRI films may be dark, unclear or even difficult for a medical expert to explain what is represented on the film in a way that allows the viewer or layperson to see and fully understand what is being described or evident in the film. This is when colorized diagnostic films can really help your case presentation as a visual aid.

Traumatic Injuries such as disc herniations, fractures, crush injuries, torn ligaments, cartilage or other injuries can be clearly shown when compared to looking at plain films without color. Postoperative and residual conditions from an injury or surgical procedure can be highlighted to emphasize hardware such as; plates and screws, nails, rods, wires, external fixation devices or a joint prosthesis used in a total knee arthroplasty or total hip replacement surgery. Colorized diagnostic films are especially effective in maximizing case value and adding dramatic impact to your injury case presentation.

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