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Medical Legal Illustration Company Information

Medical Legal Illustration Company MedLegalVisuals also known as Medical Legal Visuals is dedicated to providing the most premium demonstrative evidence services available. MedLegalVisuals creates all types of medical legal illustration for attorneys in New York City.  Our company provides medical legal illustrations to trial attorneys in New York and nationwide. Specializing in the creation of medical legal illustration used for litigation support in all types of personal injury, medical malpractice, product and premise liability and wrongful death cases.

For more than 20 years attorneys nationwide have successfully utilized MedLegalVisuals to visualize their injury case presentation and help to maximize the value of their personal injury and medical malpractice cases. Custom visuals are used for plaintiff demand letters, mediation, settlement conferences and negotiations, medical expert depositions and trial presentation. Please read below to learn about MedLegalVisuals company information, or to discuss an upcoming case, call us today at 1-877-789-4200 to get started with a FREE Case Review, Proposal and Price Quote.

Medical Legal illustrations for settlement or trial presentation

MedLegalVisuals is a Medical Legal Illustration Company, with a medical art director and certified medical illustrator(s) and creative professionals who have the medical knowledge and experience needed to handle your upcoming case. Unlike other companies we specialize only in Medical Legal Visuals, like our name says – creating compelling visual aids and trial presentations that graphically depict the injuries of your case, for your clients. This is what our company mission is all about. We turn complex medical information into visual presentations that captivate, educate and explain the complex medical issues of your case.

Case specific medical exhibits and all types of medical legal illustrations and demonstrative visual presentations like medical legal animations or custom anatomical models are created specifically for personal injury and medical malpractice cases used in conjunction with your medical expert’s testimony forcefully communicate your case’s theme, direct attention and increase information retention regarding your client’s injuries for the most effective case presentation.

Medical Legal Illustrations from MedLegalVisuals

Medical Legal Illustrations from MedLegalVisuals
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To Get Started on trial exhibits for your next case, it all begins with a Free Case Review, Proposal and Price Quote There is no cost or obligation for you to explore the option of demonstrative evidence. Maximize the value of your personal injury case presentation for settlement or trial purposes. Once you gather and send us all case related materials, our medical experts on staff will promptly review them. You will then receive a Free case review, proposal and price quote for your case. The Visual Proposals will explain what case specific medical exhibits or which type of visual presentation will best present your case. You will understand what that presentation will consist of, along with the cost and time frame for completion.

Medical Legal Trial Exhibits for settlement or trial presentation

Medical Legal Trial Exhibits for settlement or trial presentation are used to translate complex medical and technical information into clear, concise visual aides. These exhibits focus the viewer on the essential facts without extraneous details. From normal anatomy to catastrophic injuries, complex surgical procedures, trauma and residual conditions, many different medical conditions can be shown through trial exhibits. MedLegalVisuals creates; Trial exhibits, medical trial exhibits, medical illustrations, normal anatomy exhibits, stock trial exhibits, injury exhibits, post-accident exhibits and postoperative exhibits. Additional trial exhibits include colorized X-Rays, MRIs or CT scans. Other types of trial exhibits include; residual condition exhibits, surgical storyboard exhibits that show a surgical procedure in detail, surgical errors or medical mistakes exhibits, surgical scar exhibits and photo enlargement exhibits.

MedLegal Visuals also creates interactive and demonstrative presentations, medical legal animations and custom anatomical models of normal anatomy or medical models customized for your case showing a specific injury or residual postoperative condition. Trial attorneys nationwide have utilized MedLegalVisuals to maximize the value of their cases and to add dramatic impact to their case presentations in order to get more money for their clients.

Medical Legal Illustration Company

Medical Legal Illustration Company MedLegalVisuals

Call MedLegalVisuals Medical Legal Illustration Company today toll free at: 1-877-789-4200Contact Us and learn how implementing demonstrative evidence into your case presentation can maximize your case’s value. We also provide expedited service for case specific medical exhibits with fast turnaround. You can also purchase stock trial exhibits here for instant digital download. We will help you to obtain the most favorable settlement or jury award for your client!