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Demonstrative Evidence Services

Demonstrative evidence services to maximize the value of personal injury and medical practice cases for trial attorneys from MedLegalVisuals.

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To learn more about our demonstrative evidence services for your next personal injury or medical malpractice case, please click on any of the services below to learn more. Our medical experts are here to help you with the best presentation option for your case. MedLegalVisuals demonstrative evidence services include; trial exhibits, medical exhibits, medical legal exhibits, medical legal illustrations, colorized x-rays, colorized MRIs, medical timelines, 3D volume rendering of CT scans, medical legal animation and custom anatomical models.

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FREE Case Review, Proposal and Price Quote

Need something fast? Goto and download trial exhibits instantly for settlement, mediation or trial presentation. Stock Trial Exhibits provide high quality, reusable demonstrative evidence trial exhibits for all types of personal injury and medical malpractice cases. Clear, concise and medically accurate trial exhibits can be ordered quickly and easily online from and downloaded instantly as a digital file or you can have color prints or trial-sized exhibits printed and shipped right to your office or home.