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Medical Legal Animation for Injury Cases from MedLegalVisuals

Medical Legal Animations for injury cases from MedLegalVisuals visually engages the viewer to maximize your case presentation. Our custom 3D medical legal animations use dynamic 3D visualization to show a wide range of animated simulations. Post-accident injuries, surgeries, medical errors, pain management procedures, residual condition, animated diagnostic films as well as accident reconstructions. Medical Legal Animation uses 3D animation in a visually stunning way that fully engages the viewer.

The effective use of 3D medical legal animations for injury cases from MedLegalVisuals can maximize the value of your next case and have a dramatic impact at your next mediation or trial presentation by taking your case presentation to a higher level. Please click here to email us if you are interested in purchasing this sample animation or click the button at the right to get started with a case specific medical legal animation.

Medical Legal Animation for Effective Visual Presentations

Medical Legal Animations for your next case presentation can include the creation of animated videos that can explain a post-accident injury, surgical procedures, how a surgical mistake occurred, or even an accident reconstruction. 3D medical animation from MedLegal Visuals has the superior ability to show anatomy, an injury, anatomy function and simulate movement in a way that adds a new dimension to the presentation of your case, shown in a way that is both engaging to the viewer and simplified enough for a layperson to understand. We also create custom voiceover narrations to further enhance the presentation with an audio explanation of what is being shown for dramatic impact.

How do you know when to use Medical Legal Animation in your case presentation?

First – Contact Us about your upcoming case. The use of 3D medical animation technology works best when you have adequate time ahead of an upcoming mediation or trial, usually at least two months time (4-8 weeks) or more. The creation and production time needed for case specific 3D medical legal animation is typically longer than any other form of demonstrative evidence, so planning ahead for your next case is the key. Typically, the highest recovery for our clients has come with the biggest cases where a medical animation has been used in conjunction with case specific medical exhibits or trial exhibits, to tell your client’s story. This combination of our medical legal services can maximize case value and impact. This form of demonstrative evidence has the dramatic impact and wow factor to really engage the viewer. It is one of the more premium demonstrative evidence services used in case presentations that works really well to have dramatic impact, and also help the viewer understand.

Getting Started with Medical Legal Animation

To get started please fill out the form below to receive our FREE Animation Checklist Download which will provide more information on how to get started on medical legal animation. Please email us If you have any questions or to discuss an upcoming case and learn more about medical legal animation call MedLegal Visuals toll free at: 1-877-789-4200.

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