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Cost Effective Medical Exhibits from MedLegalVisuals

Stock Trial Exhibits are cost effective medical exhibits from MedLegalVisuals are best used with case specific medical trial exhibits. Reusable medical exhibits or stock trial exhibits feature medical illustrations that depict normal anatomy, common injuries and even generic surgical procedures or pain management treatments. 

Stock Trial Exhibits are high quality, reusable cost effective medical exhibits for personal injury and medical malpractice cases. Stock Trial Exhibits are the most cost effective option when you need reusable medical exhibits fast on a limited budget. Visit to instantly download high quality, reusable medical exhibits for your next personal injury or medical malpractice case.

In personal injury cases, cost effective medical exhibits or stock trial exhibits are best used with case specific exhibits. They can show normal anatomy or the pre-accident condition of your client’s injured areas. They are helpful to show orientation of anatomy and to educate your viewer. They show how anatomy normally appears and functions. Stock trial exhibits help show a contrast between the pre-accident condition and the injuries suffered by your client.

When this comparison is shown to the viewer; whether an insurance adjuster or a layperson on a jury, there is an immediate understanding. The exhibits show a specific injury suffered by your client compares to pre-accident anatomy. Stock trial exhibits are best used in conjunction with case specific medical exhibits for trial. They can also be used in certain cases where you may have very little preparation time or if you need something fast for an upcoming settlement conference, mediation, video deposition or trial presentation.

Stock trial exhibits from MedLegalVisuals are cost effective medical exhibits that are clear, concise and medically accurate trial exhibits. They can be ordered quickly and easily online from and downloaded instantly as a digital file for a visual presentation on your tablet or laptop. You can also have color prints or trial-sized exhibits printed and shipped right to your office or home. Some trial attorneys have been able to successfully utilize stock trial exhibits on certain cases where there may be a limited budget for a particular case that needs only general anatomy visuals to help present that case, at a lower cost.

Stock Trial Exhibits can be used in medical malpractice cases as well as personal injury cases, to contrast and show that a physician has deviated from the standard accepted practice of medical care. Whether a medical negligence case such as a surgical mistake or medical error resulting in an injury to the patient has occurred, or if the technique of a surgical procedure was not followed. In either of these cases, stock medical exhibits can provide a visual frame of reference for the viewer.

cost effective medical exhibits show how a typical surgical procedure is performed and how it contrasts to the surgical errors or mistakes that have been made in your case. Once any stock medical exhibit showing general anatomy have been presented to the viewer, they will have been educated to understand the normal anatomy of a specific area of the body. The exhibit can be used to show the standard technique of how a specific surgery is performed on a common surgery. Now they can now move along together with you and your medical expert to see and understand in contrast the effects of a post-accident injury or a surgical error that has occurred. Stock medical exhibits help to enhance your case presentation.

MedLegalVisuals has recently introduced: providing quality reusable stock medical exhibits for less. Stock Trial Exhibits provides a growing selection of clear, concise and medically accurate reusable medical trial exhibits or stock trial exhibits that can be purchased online quickly and easily and downloaded right to your mobile phone, tablet device or laptop computer and used right away as a visual aid in your case presentation.

Stock Trial Exhibits, Quality Reusable Medical Exhibits for Less. 

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